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Download PES 2014 File Loader Jenkey (Pengganti Kitserver)

Kalau di PES 2013 biasanya terdapat PES 2013, namun di PES 2014 sudah tidak ada dan diganti dengan File Loader. Mungkin ini terjadi karena Konami menggunakan Fox Engine baru di PES 2014, jadi sistim nya pun berubah dan cara edit nya pun berbeda.

PES 2014 File Loader


  •     Manage game content using files and folders: much easier and quicker to install/remove patches, without the need modify *.cpk files.
  •     Allow to add a lot more functionality via plugin system.

Supports :

  •     Supports all version of PES2014, no need update when have new official patch.
  •     Works with both DVD & no-DVD exe

Version : (Full)

  •     Fixed many bugs for kit loader
  •     Improve stability for plugins
  •     Added guide for kitloader in “Docs”, please take a look before configuration your kits
  •     Fileloader can work with unzlib file (you dont need to zlib file before using)

Available plugin :

  •         KitLoader.dll : Manage kits with GDB system
  •         Lodmixer.dll : Misc visual tweaks, change screen resolution, enforce picture quality…
  •         SongLoader.dll : Allow to add & playback hca file ingame
  •         Speeder.dll : Increase or decrease gameplay speed, improve performance, fix some system’s bugs

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